Virtual Exhibitions

Virtual Exhibitions – Tutankhamun: Enter The Tomb
Object date November 2 2019 – May 3 2020
Place of Origin London, England
Designer The Third Floor
Manufacturer CityLights (VR production company)
Materials Online exhibition (VIVE)

by anonymous student

The pandemic has had negative effects on many industries. Exhibitions, expos, and museums are temporarily closed or shut down. For this reason, alternatives have been proposed, including recent exhibitions that have been moved online to provide new opportunities for visitors. In fact, many VR companies and exhibitions are sharing digital content online as well as in traditional exhibition spaces to achieve vivid visual effects. As the limitations of outdoor activities emerged due to COVID-19, the virtual exhibition market has become a trend.

In the exhibition Tutankhamun: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh the Saatchi Gallery presents the life of the Egyptian king and explores traces of ancient culture, artifacts, and royal relics from his tomb. Enter the Tomb was held in a physical space and audiences were invited to experience a photorealistic version of the tomb as an archaeologist would have explored it in 1922. A motion path was encoded into an immersive chair, along with an immersive stereo-spatial audio track, which helps visitors to concentrate on the virtual contents (Thethirdfloor, 2020). The artists at The Third Floor mapped out the texture on the tomb based on scanned artifacts and environments to visualize real space with cinematic images.

The Tutankhamun exhibition is not only held in London but also in Australia, the United States and Japan. However, the virtual experience Enter the Tomb is a first trial among temporary exhibitions. The digital tour lasts only 7-10 minutes but audiences can experience the Tutankhamun tomb as never before. The virtual tomb overcomes traditional display methods and creates new interactions with ancient society (Lee and Lee, 2019).

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