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Object date 6.6.2011
Place of Origin USA
Designer Justin Kan and Emmett Shear
Materials Digital / Software

by student Diana Bécares Mas

Before the lockdown started in spring 2020, Twitch was already a well-known live-streaming platform in the gaming community. According to statistics from late February (Much Needed, 2020) it had an average of 953 thousand viewers at any given period, and an average of time spent by viewers of 1h35min daily.

With the isolation caused by the lockdown, millennials and young generations found in Twitch a way to intertwine the sense of community and the entertainment that was very much needed. Many of the live events we used to enjoy moved to live-streaming, thus, the use spread to music shows, and to other organized events and parties, such as a musical Bingo party in Barcelona (Mercader, 2020) organized by Kngreja sessions – a group of friends – every Saturday night, or the all-online free music festival Cuarentena Fest.

Therefore, during the lockdown Twitch saw its total of viewing hours jump 50% and its hours watched per month increase up to 1.645 billion (Stephen, 2020).

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