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Graffiti – George Floyd Mural
Object date 3.6.2020
Place of Origin Nairobi, Kenya
Designer Allan Mwangi
Manufacturer Allan Mwangi
Materials graffiti paint

by student Csongor Hőnich

Narrative graffiti can be seen as a form of self-expression. The creators convey their views on a particular topic directly to the public. Graffiti is an ensemble of architecture and fine art. In the case of street art, not only is it the content that matters but also where it is painted — on which piece of concrete, building, city, or region is it visible for everybody. This duality makes graffiti a liminal space in a physical and also theoretical sense.

This mural was painted on a slum wall in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. The artist, Allan Mwangi, left an awareness-raising message about police violence. He painted a Kenyan policeman kicking a protester, and next to it the face of recently killed George Floyd. He also left clear a clear message about the globally discussed topic, police brutality, painting the Swahili word “Haki” which translates to “Justice” (America Protests Kenya, n.d.).

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Photographer: Brian Inganga

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