# Pay Your Workers

Pay Your Workers Campaign
Object date 2020
Place of Origin
Designer Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC)
Manufacturer Anywhere garment suppliers and workers were not fully paid from fashion brands during Covid19 / Anywhere people are aware of this
Materials online hashtag or anything you can write on for call-to-action

by student Praejeen Kunawong

The campaign ‘Pay Your Workers’ was launched during the COVID-19 outbreak. It works as an intermediary to communicate between the suppliers of garment manufacturers and fashion brands. This campaign’s objective is to pressure the fashion brands to take responsibility for refusing to pay $16 billion in wages for fashion workers.

The COVID-19 crisis was a ‘turning point’ for this issue because of its direct impact on the economy. Fashion brands decreased their business risks by ignoring their garment workers, people whose suffering during the pandemic is made worse by poverty. The campaign changed the role of the fashion workers who are usually behind the scenes, making them public.




Clean Clothes Campaign (November 16, 2020). #PayYourWorkers: Why are workers, unionists and activists around the world protesting this week?. Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HJ6o5JLgrY


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