Zoom Video Communications
Object date 2011
Place of Origin California, USA
Designer Eric Yuan
Manufacturer Zoom Video Communications  (Eric Yuan and 40 engineers)
Materials Software

by student Hanna Hartikainen

Zoom video communications is a global communication technology that has grown exponentially in 2020 because of the need for video communications during the COVID-19 pandemic (Wikipedia, 2020). Zoom and similar video technologies grow their market share according to a theory discussed by Eisenmann et al. (2006): people do not want to spend their money on several acquisition costs or spend their time learning how to use different devices. In other words, convenience increases the share of big global video communication products like Zoom. Globalization is argued to flatten cultures and create a world of sameness (Julier, 2017). On the other hand, there are several examples of how globalization can create local microproductivity (Julier, 2017). For instance, the relatively small-scale innovation management software Viima, which is Finnish, benefits from video communication tools like Zoom, because it can be used while using Zoom to hold remote workshops (Viima, 2020).

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Original image cropped.

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