Time Machine Filter

Time Machine Filter
Object date 2019
Place of Origin USA
Designer Snapchat
Manufacturer Snap Inc.
Materials AR technology applied to a smartphone app

by student Katriina Kenttämies

Face filters are examples of the growing liminal space between ‘real’ and ‘fake,’ human and nonhuman. In a posthuman world the virtual is just as ‘real’ as the physical. It is no longer considered deceptive, but a form of self-expression. After all, the technology is called ‘augmented reality.’ The popularity of filters has led to a boom in facial recognition software, providing endless amounts of free data for the technology to improve in accuracy. This software is already being used by law-enforcement across the globe to surveil their own citizens. Facial recognition is a form of biometric authentication which was developed to improve user security and decrease identity theft. But who is this technology really protecting today?

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