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Object date 2020
Place of Origin San Francisco, USA
Designer New Deal Design
Manufacturer Unknown
Materials 3D camera, Pico projector, Processor, wooden handle

by student Akshitta Kohli

Spot is a toy which uses AI to fight the “distraction economy” and bring the child’s attention to the present. It is a companion AI that inspires children to connect with and explore their natural environment. It functions as a hand-held scanner that the child can hold and use to point at an object outside, like a bird or a plant, and hear a little monologue from the object. At bedtime, the inbuilt projector can be used to go over a story built on the day’s discoveries.

With the advancement of digital play, children are becoming highly used to isolation and instant gratification in play behaviour. Especially with the pandemic crisis, children have been locked up at home losing contact with their natural environment. Spot enables them to be in the present and incites self-awareness. The primary focus of the object is on doing and exploring rather than just observing.  With the advancement of all types of digital tools to grab a child’s attention and keep them indoors, spot creates a bridge for the child to interact with the surroundings and explore new things every day.


New Deal Design

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