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Skims Solutionwear (shapewear)
Object date 9.10.2019 (brand and product launched)
Place of Origin Designed in USA, made in Turkey
Designer Kim Kardashian West
Manufacturer Skims
Materials Nylon and spandex

by student Hanna Knaapi

Shapewear has been among the top trending product categories sold online sold in 2020 (Shahid, 2020). One example is Kim Kardashian’s brand Skims. Kardashian calls her shapewear Solutionwear that fits every body. The seamless shapewear comes in a wide range of sizes and in different earthy tones. The imagery represents female bodies in an inclusive way from the perspectives of size, age and ethnicity. This item is interesting today because it ties together two popular culture phenomena: one of the world’s most influential social media icons, with 192 million followers on Instagram, and the body positive movement. But, if every body is accepted, why is there still a need to shape them? It’s more about the right to choose which beauty ideal to follow. Skims’ most important influence is reshaping the image of modern women – rather than their bodies.

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SKIMS Solutionwear™ Photo: Vanessa Beecroft

Published on Skims Instagram account on 26th of August 2019:

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