Object date November
Place of Origin Global
Designer Individual
Manufacturer Human body
Materials Hair

by student Laura Laamanen

Social movements are important drivers for change and culture (Polletta, 2019). I have chosen a moustache because it is a symbol of a recent social movement. Symbols act as drivers for change and thus are relevant objects in design culture today. As Du Gay et al. (1997) describe, giving meaning to social practices and objects makes them crucial parts of culture.

Growing a moustache in November aims to raise awareness of men’s health issues. The moustache can be found in the Movember Foundation logo and it has become a symbol of the Movember movement, appearing across social media. Over the years the movement has become a part of pop culture with many athletes and celebrities helping to increase awareness by growing a moustache. Social movements share and communicate their ideas and goals through these visual symbols that represent their story. In 2020 the Movember movement continues to raise awareness through the social practice of growing a moustache.

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Polletta, F. (2009). It was like a fever: Storytelling in protest and politics. University of Chicago Press.


Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

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