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Object date May 2020
Place of Origin San Francisco, USA
Designer Andrey Khusid
Manufacturer Miro
Materials digital whiteboard app

by student Haruka Goi

Miroverse is a template gallery of virtual boards created by the users of the online whiteboard platform, Miro (Perminova, 2020). It represents the design culture of 2020 as it symbolizes the shift from physical meetings with whiteboards to digital meetings with online whiteboards. While the shift was initiated by the increasing demand for remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of online whiteboards has brought positive effects to virtual meetings. Some examples of the impacts are improved engagement during meetings, smoother processes for conveying ideas, and stronger connections between teams (Sanzenbacher, 2020). The positive effects indicate that the use of such online tools will continue after COVID-19, as seen with the growing number of Miro templates created by companies and with more people preferring a hybrid remote-office model (Slack, 2020).

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