Make America Great Again 45th President Hat
Object date 7.14.2015
Place of Origin New York, USA
Designer Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign Team
Manufacturer Cali Headwear, California, USA
Materials Cotton, Plastic

by student Michael Buchta

The MAGA cap of US President Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign has quickly become one of the most significant symbols of new thinking and a new expression of pride in one’s nationality. The bon mot originated as a reference to former presidents. The slogan became a pop culture phenomenon with widespread use, spawning numerous variants in entertainment, arts and politics.

What is particularly interesting is how the internet quickly transformed the phenomenon into an ironic meme, and variations of it have found their way into completely different areas, including local politics in other countries. The original, serious intent of the slogan is often taken up in a self-critical or ironic way, or used to form one’s own identity, made into something locally specific that only members of the respective community can understand.


Skidmore, G (June 18 2016). Make America Great Again Hat [photograph]. Retrieved from:  CC BY-SA 2.0 Original image cropped.

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