Hand Sanitizer Dispenser for Children

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser for Children
Object date Fall 2020
Place of Origin Lahti, Finland
Designer Unknown
Manufacturer SKC Desi Oy Ltd.
Materials Painted steel, plastic, movement sensor, electric motor

by student Katriina Kallioinen

Pöpönpesupuu (“Germwashtree”) is a hand sanitizer dispenser for children. On the metal frame, it reads: “non-alcoholic cleaning foam suitable for children disinfects hands safely and gently”. According to the manufacturer’s website, Pöpönpesupuu makes cleaning hands fun and easy (SKC Desi Oy Ltd, 2020).

In April 2020 the Finnish public health organization THL recommended placing hand sanitizer dispensers in shopping centres (Kiviranta, 2020). The dispenser (as pictured here) is currently not in use, as it is located on a closed playground in a shopping center in Helsinki during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the number of confirmed cases is much higher than in April 2020 (“Varmistetut koronatapaukset Suomessa (COVID-19”), 2020).

Pöpönpesupuu exists in the cultural space of the pandemic, in the hopeful in-between time of two pandemic waves in Finland when hand hygiene was seen as a sufficient measure of protection. Its design message seems happy, almost naïve, which creates a conflict with its purpose of use.

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Picture taken by student, 2020.

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