Object date 2018
Place of Origin Oslo, Norway
Designer Vuong Tran
Manufacturer Essential Articles
Materials Natural dyed leather (Olive), waxed thread, and steel buttons

by student André Helgestad

The object is handsewn in a studio store in Grünerløkka, Oslo – it is an object designed out of the wish to make tote-bags more functional and longer lasting by strengthening the stress point on top.  It signifies the re-localization and humanity of design in a time where global distribution networks are being disturbed and our lived physical world has shrunk (Julier, 2014). When the product is made to order, you create a relationship with the designer who, over time, will ask about the evolution of the product and maintain it when you visit again.

“The philosophy is not about making new products or creating new trends. It’s rather about living with, and forming a bond with, an object that will become an essential part of your everyday life.” (Essential Articles website, 2020)

Julier, G. (2014). Re-Locating and Re-Localising Design Culture. In The Vast Land of Design (pp. 23-34). Peking University Press.

Tran, Vuong. (2020, December). Philosophy. Essential Articles in the Making. Retrieved from: https://www.essentialarticles.no/philosophy


Photo taken by the student at Essential Articles in the Making.

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