Covid-19 Survival T-shirt

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Covid-19 Survival T-shirt
Object date 2020
Place of Origin USA
Designer Unknown (sold by Hola Apparel)
Materials Unknown (description on Hola Apparel website: “Bella canvas, soft shirt”)

by anonymous student

This t-shirt is an example of COVID-19 themed products and was sold on Etsy. It represents a common joke about surviving the pandemic in 2020. There is no indication of who is the designer, manufacturer or even the material of the t-shirt.

While the fashion industry in general had a major decline during the pandemic in 2020 there were also some parts that were booming. The t-shirt and other COVID-19 merch businesses were flourishing. The industry also had the highest number of new entrepreneurs as many people were looking for alternative ways to make money. There is technology such as t-shirt design software which anyone can access without previous experience in graphic design. There is also no need to buy any inventory as the products are made to order. (Agarwal, 2020) This model may sound sustainable, but the short lifespan of the products can be questioned.

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Hola Apparel (2020). “Corona Virus Survivor T-Shirt, I Survived Corona Virus, Covid-19 Survivor Graphic Tee, Pandemic Survivor Shirt, 2020 Survivor, Quarantined”. Etsy.

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