Chilly’s refillable vacuum water bottle

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Chilly’s refillable vacuum water bottle
Object date Company founded in 2010
Place of Origin United Kingdom
Designer James Butterfield and Tim Bouscarle
Manufacturer Chilly’s
Materials Stainless steel with plastic & silicone o-ring

by anonymous student

The Chilly’s company describes its mission as being to accelerate the adoption and everyday use of reusable products. They claim their main target users are active urban citizens. Chilly’s aims to decrease the consumption of single-use plastic bottles, and make cold water available on-the-go (

Cormier (2020) talks about objects that can help to understand the present time. The Chilly’s bottle can be regarded as a lens through which to understand the environmental anxiety that marks the present. It is a counter-reaction to the overflow of plastics, that according to Harrison et al. (2019), started around 100 years ago. The Chilly’s bottle is also an image representing an emphasized sense of individuality characteristic of today’s consumers. While working as a symbol of sustainable and anti-plastic lifestyles, the bottle aims to re-brand the fresh-water experience. However, I cannot help but questioning, do these bottles (costing from 25 to 30 euros) really solve the problem of plastic pollution? How is Chilly’s bottle better than an old plastic beverage bottle that I refill countless times? Is the Chilly’s bottle on the one hand, a way for us to console ourselves in the middle of the plastic crisis, and on the other hand, an instrument that helps us to tell a story about us: who we are and whether we want to be seen as environmentally savvy modern citizens?

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