Among Us game

Among Us game
Object date 09.2018
Place of Origin United States
Designer Marcus Bromander
Manufacturer InnerSloth (Developer)
Materials Digital

by student Shreya Shrivastava

After two years of its release in 2018, Among Us become popular only in 2020. The turning point was the pandemic and increased time spent at home. Through streaming by famous gamers on twitch, this multiplayer game become a popular way for friends to connect and interact while looking for the ‘imposter’.

The pandemic has led to people using digital tools in innovative ways to not just connect with others but also raise awareness around issues like Black Lives Matter, Hong Kong protests and the US elections. Among Us also joined the bandwagon when prior to the 2020 US elections, congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, commonly known as AOC, streamed the game on her twitch account to connect with Gen Z and get them to the polls.


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