Summer Cottage

Summer Cottage
Object date 1960s
Place of Origin Sysmä, Finland
Designer Unknown
Manufacturer Unknown
Materials Wood


by anonymous student

In 2020, when the global pandemic hit, people were asked to isolate themselves and avoid contact with other citizens. Sales and rentals soon went up for old wooden cottages in the Finnish countryside, usually with limited amenities (Yle, 2020).

The idea of a cottage in a rural area takes people back to basic necessities, carrying water, burning wood for heating and preparing food on an open fire. Cottages are designed to fill the basic needs of shelter, but lack the equipment of modern houses and apartments. The cottage symbolizes living simply, offering peace of mind and a relaxing atmosphere in the midst of a changing world. The connection to nature is comforting in times of distress and cottages have become safe havens for people escaping city life during the pandemic.


Picture taken by student.

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