Road 110

Road 110
Object date built 1932 to 1951
Place of Origin Helsinki–Turku, Finland
Designer Unknown
Manufacturer Finnish Government
Materials Asphalt and paint


by student Daniel Leiviskä

Climate change marks a turning point where we need to change how we live, including how we move. In Finland 80% of the mobility carbon footprint of an average person comes from car use (IGES, Aalto University, D-mat, 2019). Bicycling is one alternative to car-based mobility that has a significantly lower carbon footprint.

But cycling longer distances requires you to use infrastructure designed for car use. On Road 110 it is possible to cycle, but it feels like you are clearly not supposed to. The space for cycling is very narrow, and cars go past at 80 kmph.

While we are being told to reduce our carbon footprints as individuals, our systems and structures might enable but don’t support doing so. We need to design new solutions, but those can also be using what we already have in new ways.

IGES, Aalto University & D-mat ltd. (2019). 1.5-Degree Lifestyles: Targets and Options for Reducing Lifestyle Carbon Footprints. Technical Report. Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, Hayama, Japan.


Picture by student, 2017.

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