ID Card

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ID Card
Object date first issued 3.12.2018
Place of Origin created for the Estonian state by a French company
Designer IDEMIA
Manufacturer IDEMIA
Materials Plastic and unknown


by student Kaisa Roover

The Estonian ID card provides access to the majority of state services in a digitalized form via e-services. For example, people can sign documents, vote, submit applications and use almost 5000 other e-services with this card (e-Estonia, 2019).

During the 2020 global pandemic, e-identification services are encouraged as human contacts are not advised. As a by-product, a new global e-society has been designed that also has problems. Before, the service provider could obtain only the information printed on the ID card. Now, the service provider can access information “inside” the card as well. For example, e-identification cards can contain information about a person’s mother tongue (Strong identification for e-services). What kind of impact will this have when applying for a job? Will a foreign language be an advantage or disadvantage, for example in Estonia, where there is a strong political populist movement (Gershkovich, 2019)?

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Published on Estonian Police and Border Guard Board website.