Framework Couch

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Framework Couch
Object date 2020
Place of Origin Ilmajoki, Finland
Designer Terhi Tuominen and Jitan V. Patel
Manufacturer Soft Kaluste
Materials Oak or birch, leather or canvas

by anonymous student

As lives have retreated inside due to the pandemic, many have faced limitations in their immediate surroundings. This has led people to view their homes differently and make changes. Those who have previously afforded to, for example, travel, are now able to invest in making their homes even more their own. The increased interest in interior design can be seen as the Finnish furniture manufacturers are having the best year so far. As a couch is a large and heavy piece of furniture it is still often manufactured locally in Finland ( Though not everyone has extra to spend on new furniture, adjustments might have still been made: a place previously dedicated for relaxing, meaning a couch or in a small apartment even a bed, can now be a place for remote working too. These unique needs are shaping the way we are at home.

Toivonen, J. (2020). Kotimainen sohva pitää pintansa Ikea-puristuksessa, valmistajia on yhä kymmeniä ja kauppa käy – koronavuodesta tulossa ennätyksellinen (Finnish couch holds it place despite Ikea’s pressure, there are still dozens of manufacturers that sell well – the pandemic year is going to break records) Yle news.


Soft Kaluste

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