Gender Neutralism in Animal Crossing

Gender Neutralism in Animal Crossing
Object date 27.6.2020
Place of Origin Global (Japan)
Manufacturer Nintendo
Materials Video game

by student Wangting Wu

More and more young people are forming a ‘gender neutral’ generation. Rather than adjusting themselves to traditional standards, they recognize various races, genders, and cultural backgrounds, admit their values and affirm the way they are.

One of the events that most represents this shift is Global Pride, part of a powerful movement in support of gender neutralism. People shout for equality, dignity and acceptance. However, in 2020, COVID-19 required a change in presentation and communication. One activity took place in Animal Crossing, the hottest game in 2020, attracting people globally to participate. The pandemic has led to a turning point in how we think about new gender neutralism and in how could we represent and experience it through digital objects.


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