New Emojis

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New Emojis in the Apple iOS Operating System 
Object date 10.2019 – 11.2020
Place of Origin USA
Designer Unknown
Manufacturer Apple Inc.
Materials Digital


by anonymous student

Emojis are an essential part of our daily communication and these commonly standardized icons could also be seen as a new global language. The picture shows the latest updates of emojis in the Apple iOS operating system, which is the second most used operating system worldwide (Kenton, 2020). Originally from Japan, these icons spread globally only when Apple included them in its iOS 5 operating system in 2011 (Travod, 2020).

These icons that are used to symbolize feelings, tone of voice, objects, etc., represent one kind of ‘mediascape’ through which we can see snippets of reality (Appadurai, 1990). The evolution of emojis has come a long way from the first sets of emojis that were highly Asia-centric and universal. Little by little, emojis have multiplied and evolved to be more diverse, gender-neutral, gender-inclusive, less stereotypical, more politically correct, and global. The transgender symbol and the flag were added to the selection only this year.

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