Hug Tunnel

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Hug Tunnel
Object date May 2020
Place of Origin Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Designer Staff at geriatric clinic, Tres Figueiras facility
Manufacturer hand made
Materials Plastic, tape

by anonymous student

Created by a Brazilian care unit, the hug tunnel allows elderly residents to hug their loved ones without risking their health during the covid-19 pandemic.

I think this is a bittersweet example of a turning point and the challenges we have faced in 2020. Something so formerly ordinary, and in most cases, as positive and pleasant as hugging your family members or friends, has turned out to be ill-advised and possibly dangerous. As internet platforms, webcams, social media and smartphones have made up for our need for communication with others, people still desire human touch. In this case a sort of liminal space has been created to compensate for the lack of touch for those at risk. Just like “meeting” people online versus face-to-face, the hug tunnel is an effort to create the sensation of closeness, but it won’t quite match the real thing. This a good example of 2020 and the sacrifices we have made in the hope of keeping people safe.


Getty/Lucas Uebel (2020). The “hug tunnel” at the Geriatric Clinic Tres Figueiras in Brazil [Photograph]. Retrieved from:


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