Ugly Resin Art

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Ugly Resin Art
Object date Unknown, constantly being made
Place of Origin Unknown
Designer Unknown, thousands of makers
Materials Epoxy resin and resin hardener, with added dyes, glitters and foreign objects (e.g. dried flowers, photos)

by anonymous student

I’ve chosen what I feel to be a negative result of design culture now: ugly resin art. I have a personal aversion to resin art and have noticed a rise in its popularity on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Despite its toxic properties as well as its nature as a non-biodegradable plastic, resin art seems to be growing exponentially (#resinart has over 3.2 billion views on TikTok alone). I believe that this trend will age poorly. There are tables, phone cases, bookmarks, shot glasses and cutting boards (a particularly worrisome example, since resin isn’t food safe), ashtrays, paper weights, jewellery, combs, coasters and other knick-knacks that serve no purpose. All of these objects that resemble something from an aquarium gift shop will one day be discarded and remain on earth for thousands of years, eternal in their ugliness.

Image and other examples

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