The Amul Girl

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The Amul Girl
Object date 2020
Place of Origin Bombay, India
Designer Mr. Sylvester Da Cunha, Eustace Fernandes
Manufacturer Da Cunha Communications
Materials originally hand-painted on hoardings

by student Gaurika Singhal

Amul was formed by farmers who were angered by the exploitation in the dairy industry by the British in Colonial India. The cooperative society was a result of decentralisation and decolonisation and disrupted the dairy industry with novel methods of milk collection, distribution and advertisements. Amul is an irreplaceable household essential in India and nearby countries.

The Amul girl, the mascot, has withstood the test of time and has undergone almost little to no change over the last 53 years. When every brand in India adapted to global trends, Amul stuck with its identity and its tagline “The Taste of India”, never failing to engage with its audience. The Amul girl has become a symbol of Indian design culture now. The advertisements are satirical takes on topical issues and are able to make bold statements about society, governance and global news with humour and innocence, thus always staying relevant.


By Eustace Fernandes, published across media in India including hoardings, newspapers and social media.

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