Social Distancing Poster

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Social Distancing Poster — “Let’s stay one Beatles apart”
Object date 2020
Place of Origin Japan
Designer Eisuke Tachikawa and Lee Niyen, NOSIGNER

by student Laura Feld

In 2020, social distancing has become a well-known term, synonymous with the coronavirus pandemic. This poster is part of the Japanese non-profit project called PANDAID, helping to spread knowledge and facts about the pandemic. It reads as an infographic, but at the same time it incorporates comic relief and a personal touch to its design by using more unusual illustrations to show distance. Posters like these, showing cows, moose or this famous image of the Beatles crossing Abbey Road, have been growing in global popularity as a response to communicating about how COVID-19 spreads. So why is this? The turning point of the pandemic’s influence on such signage production is well summed up in the quote: “In contrast to the prevailing tragic frame, comic rhetoric is hopeful and humane because it invites reconciliation and affirms the importance of rationality and community” (Adrienne et al., 2009).

Adrienne E., Hanson, Jeremy J. (2009) Comedy as cure for tragedy: Act up and the rhetoric of aids. Quarterly Journal of Speech, 82 (2), 157-170.


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