Menstrual Cup

Menstrual Cup
Object date Early version in 1932
Place of Origin Midwifery group of McGlasson and Perkins
Designer Early versions by Midwifery group of McGlasson and Perkins, and later by Leona Chalmers (1937)
Manufacturer The Tassaway, The Keeper, Mooncup, and many others
Materials Rubber, silicone

by student Henriikka Pahkala

Menstruation is still taboo in many cultures. Recently, gender and sexual equality issues have gained popularity around the world. The rise in equality for women is also accompanied by the opening of a debate on menstrual culture. The menstrual cup as a menstrual hygiene tool for women has become very popular recently, especially when the company Mooncup started to manufacture silicone menstrual cups in the UK in 2001 (The Mooncup website; Our story). The menstrual cup is seen as an object that can free women from the limitations of menstruation (shame, stains, and the complexity of toilet visits during menstruation) and is also an ecological solution for menstrual care because one cup can be used for up to 10 years ( This object intersects with several course themes but especially the theme of global flows.

The Mooncup website, Our Story.


Errikaboo (2016). Monthly Cup Size1 & 2 [photograph]. Retrieved from CC-BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons. Original image cropped.


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