Kyrö Hand Sanitizer

Kyrö Hand Sanitizer
Object date 2020
Place of Origin Isokyrö, Finland
Designer Mikko Koskinen (Brand)
Manufacturer Kyrö Distillery Company
Materials Ethanol (ethyl alcohol), aqua, tert-butanol, glycerin, hypromellose

by anonymous student

When Covid19 hit Finland in spring 2020, the Kyrö Distillery Company from Isokyrö, famous for its Napue gin, wondered how to help: they started producing Kyrö hand sanitizer – initially for health care, but later also for the consumer market.

Kyrö hand sanitizer is packed in a pet-plastic bottle. Product labels resemble the graphic look of the famous gin. With the support of social media, Kyrö hand sanitizer soon became a “design product”. Nicer clothing stores, style-conscious consumers and quality restaurants wanted their hand sanitizer to fit into the interior. The hand sanitizers became, as the logo was, a status symbol.

The Kyrö Distillery Company claims that it does not make profit with its hand sanitizer. At the very least, it is good promotion material for their other products. I find it interesting how the company totally changed their strategy when the global pandemic hit Finland. I believe this is the future – companies need to adapt to rapidly changing trends.


Picture taken by the student.

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