Colour Block Patchwork Cardigan

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Colour Block Patchwork Cardigan
Object date 2020
Place of Origin London, UK
Designer JW Anderson (presumably by Senior Knitwear Designer Jenni Vepsäläinen)
Manufacturer Original made in Italy and now made around the world
Materials Original 100% Merino Wool

by anonymous student

In February 2020 the singer Harry Styles wore a cardigan by the British fashion brand JW Anderson. The object reached notoriety amongst his numerous young fans and they started recreating the expensive knitwear piece by crocheting. Out of this newly discovered ability, a TikTok challenge was sparked. This viral digital movement led the brand to share information and a YouTube tutorial on how to reproduce the exact design.

This item underlines consumers’ dormant independence from the industry and their power to design their own objects. Furthermore, by rediscovering the lost knowledge of hand work, they are again feeling the joy of making. To stay relevant, the design industry has to follow this change in dynamics: if consumers become active makers, the brand can become an official guide for their making. This turning point suggests that design innovation does not necessarily start with established industry.


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