# alone together sweater

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Object date 24.3.2020
Place of Origin Copenhagen, Denmark
Designer Lærke Bagger
Manufacturer Lærke Bagger
Materials Scrap yarns

by student Sanna Ahonen

Born in the liminal space produced by the global pandemic, #alonetogethersweater took flight in interpretations of the global craft community. The pattern was produced by Lærke Bagger, a Danish knitwear designer, and released on Instagram in March, as a fast response to Covid-19 lockdowns happening all over the world.

#alonetogethersweater was eagerly welcomed by the fans of Bagger’s designs and spread rapidly through the internet grapevine. In the state of current uncertainty, crafts are giving people a much-needed tool to process their feelings (Knott, 2020) and Bagger’s design works well for this purpose, allowing mistakes to happen as a part of her signature technique.

The pattern itself gives plenty of space for creativity and grants the ownership of the idea to the knitter. The line between the designer and maker blurs when the skills are shared (von Busch, 2013) and local capabilities spread through global networks (Julier, 2017).


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