7 sets of videos to get that analysis done

In case you have problems in getting your analysis done, there is almost certainly an youtube video that provides you with the solution that you need.

Here are 7 sets of videos you might find helpful.

1) Want to learn how to use R? Here you will find an free introductory course by DataCamp.

2) More video tutorials on using R: Search YoutubeAlso try with r and using r.

3) More video tutorials on using RStudio: Search Youtube.

4) Phd in Finance videos shows you directly on how to, for example, import and process Fama-French factors or calculate cumulative of multiple firms. These videos use SAS.

5) In case you are unfamiliar with SAS you might want to start from here.

6) For video tutorials for Excel, including a on explaining how to run a Fama-French regression, please click this link.

7) Video tutorials for STATA.