Aalto Finance Databases available from data room Q301

Morningstar Direct, Eikon, Datastream and SDC-Platinum can be accessed from room Q301. The dataroom Q301 is found in the new Väre-building at the third floor of Arts side with 24/7 access for student at Aalto University.

Refinitiv, formerly known as Thomson Reuters, provides access to Datastream and Eikon. Datastream is most often the preferred choice of user interphase for academic purposes. However, due to constant integration you should in practical terms try both databases to ensure you that you get data in first place and to get maximal coverage of data.

The dataroom also contains access to Morningstar Direct and SDC-platinum.

To access these databases in practical terms, do the following.

  1. Find a computer containing access to desired database. The computers are labeled with A4-papers stating database.
  2. Log in to the computer with your Aalto credentials
  3. Double click on the database icon.
  4. If the database does not open, close the window and try again.


For SDC Platinum you also need to fill in the user “student”.

Regarding SDC-Platinum, you should also or alternatively try to gain same data from Eikon/Datastream. Same information should be found, and Refinitiv does not update SDC-Platinum, but does update Eikon for this type of data.

Morningstar Direct

Morningstar Direct is best known from its data on funds and ETF’s, but it also contains other data including some data on hedge funds. For hedge funds please also note Lipper Hedge Fund data available from room T316 on tuesdays at 13.00-15.00.

There are some training videos available on how to use Morningstar. First go to room Q301 and find the single computer labeled with Morningstar. Log in with your Aalto credentials and open Morningstar from the icon. If it does not open, close the window and try again.

Next go to “learning centre”, “Online training” and “new users”. 

This figure shows you how to access Morningstar Training videos

Morningstar has a daily download limit, which in practical terms means that you need a couple of visits to get the data that you need for your thesis.


For Datastream, find a computer labeled with Eikon/Datastream. Open first Eikon. Open Excel and from Excel click “sign in”.

This is how to get started with Datastream at Aalto University department of Finance

Continue with clicking “Add-Ons”.

Aalto Finance Databases include Datastream, this is how you start.

In case Add-Ons state “restart”, close Excel and open it again. The repeat the steps “sign in” and “add ons”. 

Aalto University Department of Finance Databases include Datastream

There are two leaflets in Excel. “Thomson Reuters” should Yield Eikon data and “Thomson Reuters Datastream” should yield Datastream data.