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This week we had a lecture but not any exercise session. The lecture was about mental illness. We think this topic is very interesting but it didn´t left us with unsolved questions. One unexpected thing in the lecture was that how much mental disorders actually cause costs in Finland. About 5 per cent of total national tax income is a huge amount of money, and still sometimes it feels it is not enough.

For next week´s lecture we have chapters 13 and 14 and they are about motor system. From chapter it was fun to learn why the knee-jerk reflex really occurs. The knee-jerk reflex very familiar to us but we hadn´t give a thought what´s behind that. The leg extend happens because of quadriceps muscle contracts after brief stretching which causes depolarization of the Ia axon endings. Contracts are caused by alpha motor neuron´s increased action potential frequency due to depolarization.

Our group also met this week at lunch. Discussing with the group has been very pleasant and we come up a lot of interesting questions to solve. Sometimes questions aren´t straightly from week´s topic but it´s fun how one question leads to another. This week our group members made even own experiments at home. We tested how sensory nerves work by putting hot sauce to the skin and thought about theories behind hot and cold sensing. We were thinking why TRPV1 receptor can stay stimulated so long time. Do they really stay stimulated or is the stimulus only starting point for sequence of events?

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