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Lecture in the last week was continuum from last week´s lecture and it was about neurotransmitter systems. It did not raise any further questions in us. In this week there was also returning of exercise 3. Questions were mainly about vision and sensory cells. We like that in these exercises we must apply theories we have learned in more practical, everyday life things.

Last week all of us also participated to Brain and mind online symposium. We think symposium was very interesting and topics were tempting. The symposium was very nice add to this course. One of the interesting topics was Eero Castrén´s talk about antidepressants reinstate critical-period-like neuroplasticity in visual cortex. It came us a surprise that we can modify brain by targeting therapies. Also, all topics about consciousness were very interesting.

The next week´s topic is auditory system. From this topic we had questions and biggest discussion about music. Does musicians hear the music more accurately and feel the music more or does everybody receive same kind of sensations and emotions from music. Does musicians hear small nuances from the music because they have more knowledge? If everybody hear the music similarly, couldn´t the non-musicians brain handle the received information because there are not enough knowledge nor experience for that?

Can music really be calming and help concentrate? These topics we will return next week when we are wiser after the lecture.

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