Confused about brain anatomy

Welcome to our blog again. This post is about third week of our studies in this course. The third week consisted of the lecture, quiz after lecture and the exercise session. During this week we also had online meeting with our group where we could discuss and recap what we learned and which topics left us confused.

The lecture of the week was mostly about synaptic transmission. We are still very happy about how lectures are arranged. They are interesting and easy to follow. We liked that students were able to ask questions they had in mind. Therefore, this topic didn´t left us with any questions.

Exercise session contained brain anatomy. There were a lot of terms so after the session we felt a bit confused. This is certainly something which just requires repetition. In the exercise session were break-out rooms to draw the anatomy. We thought it was a bit difficult to share drawing with group.

In our group online meeting we also discussed about next week´s chapters 8-10. The main focus we had in eye. There we still had something we didn´t understand but we think we get clarified in the next lecture. One question we had on mind was that why there are more receptors in the side of the eye. That was new thing for us.

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