Week 48: Finalizing the final report

This week’s agenda consisted of us finishing up our application, working on our final report, as well as working on the Grande Finale based on the feedback we got from the rehearsal. We also finished up our user testing by holding several more interviews regarding the app.

A total of seven more interviews were done during the last week. These were done to finish up our last iteration on the app, and to finalize validation of our project. We especially wanted to confirm that we had managed to create a solution that addressed our original problem instead of having wandered too far away from it. These interviews however helped reinforce the idea that the app would be able to fill its original purpose.

All of us worked on the final report. Eemil again handled the business side, Esko handled most of the prototype section, and Lauri, Maria, Salla, and Oskari handled the rest. Final adjustments to the app were done by Esko. These include fixing a few inconsistencies, adding a list of sellers for the coffees, and adjusting the flavor chart in the profile page. With these changes, the app development has reached its end for the final report. We are very happy with what we were able to create, although we still would have had more ideas for the app that we didn’t have the time to implement.

With our final report submitted now all that is left for us is to work on our Grande Finale presentation. What we still need to do is finalize our pitch and figure out the best way to present our work at the stand on Friday. We gained some good feedback based on our rehearsal last week, so we have a very clear picture of what to do next, and our previous presentation serves as a good base to continue work from.

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