Week 47: Beginning of the end

Our plan this week was to continue the work on the application, continuing writing the end report, continuing our work for the grande finale, and visit Holmen roastery. Maria and Salla worked on the presentation, which we all thought turned out very well. Maria also worked on the poster, and Eemil focused on finishing up the financial/business aspect of our project. Esko, Lauri, and Oskari continued the work on the app.

The work on the app as progressed well, with most of the crucial functionality being done at this point. The coffee profile page, coffee search, as well as the main page are all working together. The remaining time will be spent on polishing the app as well as making final adjustments to it based on the user feedback. In addition to this after plenty of brainstorming we came up with a name for our app, which is going to be EthiCup. We also worked on acquiring a logo for our project/app.

Our small excursion to the Holmen roastery gave us plenty of ideas, both for the app as well as our final report. We had the employees try out the app and tell us what they thought. We also gained some new insights into coffee as an industry, and what some of the current issues are with it. This reinforced the idea that our app could be a very useful tool to help alleviate some of those problems. In hindsight however, it was unfortunate that our trip to Holmen had to be delayed, as finding out some of this information could have given us a big head start near the beginning of our project. Either way, we were very happy with the amount of new ideas and information we walked away with from Holmen.

Our plan for the next week includes a lot of writing for the final report, as well as final adjustments to our app. We want to make slight enhancements to the search functionality, and make everything look a bit more coherent. If we have time, we would like to hold a few in-depth interviews with a few selected users in order to find some final issues regarding the usability of the app. In addition to this, we need to continue our work with the grande finale based on the feedback we gained from the rehearsal.

There’s very little time left with the course now, but we can all rest easy knowing that our project is in a good shape and only missing the final polishing.

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