Week 46: Adventuring the Android abyss

This week our plan was to advance with our application and start working on the final presentation and grande finale. Similarly to last week, Esko, Oskari, Salla and Lauri worked on the application while Eemil worked on the business side of the project and Maria worked on the ethicality rating and final presentation.

The application was worked on quite a bit this week. It still lacks the search functionality, but lists and coffee profile pages look quite pleasant. The front page looks horrible, but at least it works. Lauri has an idea that he will try tonight to make it look better.

Contrary to Kermit the Frog, Lauri has had a hard time working on our application.

What’s up next concerning the application (after finishing the front page) is naming our application, implementing the search functionality and user testing. It is truly fascinating seeing how users navigate through our application. We are particularly interested in whether users are more interested in reviews or information on coffees and how users find either of these from our application. It would also be nice if users liked the way our application looks.

To our very great dissapointment (excluding Esko and Lauri who would’ve had a hard time making it) our excursion to Holmen Coffee was canceled due to illness. However, we managed to reschedule the visit for next week, so everyone is happy (especially Esko and Lauri). We are still very excited in seeing what Holmen Coffee has to say about our ideas and application.

To conclude, we are rather satisfied with this week’s results. The application has made major headway and work has been made towards the grande finale. The course is soon starting to end and we need to gradually shift our attention towards the final presentation and grande finale.

Until next week,
Team Coffee




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