Week 45

This week our plan was to get the making of the application really started. We had quite a clear plan on how to do it, we had divided the programming tasks among Esko, Oskari, Lauri and Salla-Mari. We also wanted to book a meeting with a coffee roastery. Maria had promised to do research about how the ethicality of coffee could be measured and also book a meeting with a coffee roastery.

In the end we did get quite a lot done this week. On the field of the application, now we have coffee-information in JSON- form, a profile page in a good condition and the front page has been started. We hoped that we would have a little more done, but we are still happy with this state, and we are positive about getting the application ready on time.

Us working on our App

What’s up next with the application is the search functionality, finishing the frontage and the profile page. We would also be happi if ,the application was in a condition to be used for some user testing.

Maria did research on the ethicality of the coffee, and the results will be discussed when we have the application closer to being ready. We are also very happy now to have a meeting with Holmen Coffee booked for next weeks Thursday. We are exited to present them our idea, and what we have been able to build before that. We hope that we will get feedback on the data that we haave gathered and also on the idea and functionalities of the application.

Eemil did some research on the figures of the business side of the project, we wanted to know this like how many users could we aim for, and where can we get money from. This week we did not use the results for anything yet, but we know that it is information that we will need for the Grande Finale.

We are happy with this week, especially with finally having the application started. We are really looking forward for nest week, since we will all meet together, and most of all, meet people from Holmen Coffee. The fact that the programming the application takes a lot of time was not a surprise for us, but we do feel that we definitely do not have any time to spare. I think that we were revised about the good old lesson of getting this started early.

Salla-Mari & Team Coffee

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