Financial validation & beginning of development

This week’s plan was to meeting up to finalize our decision regarding the target result of our project, as well as make a schedule for the iterations required to reach that result. We also wanted to get started on the financial validation of our project, which produced the BMC below.

Earlier in the week we met to discuss the end result of our project. We were still unsure with the choices being either producing a high-fidelity version of an app in a UX tool such as Adobe XD, or developing an actual app. After careful consideration we agreed upon developing our own app, as we believe we have enough time and skills to do so, and all of us considered the app to be a more desirable outcome of our project. We also thought this would be a good opportunity to learn about app development in general, which is a useful skill to have in this area of study.

After that we discussed the possible iterations required for developing the app. We agreed that it is crucial for us to be able to get feedback between developing the basic functionality and finishing the UX design. In order to achieve that we decided on performing two more iterations. During the first iteration we make a rough but functioning version of the app, gather user feedback on it, and then move to the next and last iteration. We are expecting the first iteration to be one or at most two weeks long. During the last iteration, we will finish up the UX design and make the outer side of the app more user-friendly, as well as fix any problems we might have uncovered during the first iteration. This should occupy us for the rest of the project.

Later on in the week we also got started on the actual development. We split the remaining course into areas of responsiblities, and the team working on the app made solid plans for the inner functioning of the application. We have worked on the application since then and at the time of this blog post we have a functioning view of a list of the coffees and the ability to read coffees from a database.

Our next steps include more work with the app. The main tasks are managing to create a working coffee profile page and the ability to search for different coffees. We are hoping that by the end of the week or early next week we would have a version of the app that can be used to gather user feedback. This would allow plenty of time for us to inspect that feedback and modify the app towards it’s final shape.




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