Reflections about the first iteration

Our agenda for this past week included presenting our user feedback as well as our wireframe model to an expert in the field. In addition to this, we had planned to reflect on the past iteration and it’s results, as well as plan the next iteration’s schedule and content.
We presented our work to Tero Rehula, who is the co-founder of Slurp, a Finnish startup company, and has a firm grasp on the business as well as our target group. Tero especially liked the idea of our ethicality rating, as well as the initial user interface from the wireframe model. He also gave us some ideas for additional functionality, such as being able to save your favourite coffee brands within the app, which we thought was a great idea. Overall asking for feedback from him gave us confidence that we are on the right tracks as far as planning the app goes.
Everybody was mostly satisfied with the results in regards to our first iteration. We managed to produce a great wireframe model that will most certainly be a useful tool for when we start working on our actual app. It also proved a valuable aid in gathering the initial feedback from potential users. From the feedback we learnt a lot about our core target group and what they would like to see in the app. With this information as well as our wireframe model we have a strong base from which to move to the next iteration. As a minor shortcoming we didn’t manage to do much planning or development for the actual application. This would have been important as we will require a prototype that has the basic functions in it for us to gather vital feedback. This means that we are in a slight hurry during the next iteration to get all that started. In hindsight, it might have been beneficial to us if we had arranged an additional meeting where we could have already done some rudimentary planning of our app.
We didn’t manage to hold a meet-up this week to tentatively plan the next iteration’s schedule or goals. That means that we will have to include this in the next week’s meeting, and move from just planning the next iteration to setting clear goals in regards to it.
Our schedule for the next week is quite a busy one, as we have a lot of different things we need to agree on. First we will have to complete the aforementioned planning for the next iteration, which includes deciding on how many iterations we need and can fit into the time we have left with the project. This can prove to be tricky as developing applications can be an extremely iterative process, which might mean that we will have to work extremely hard in the coming weeks in order to achieve a great outcome. We will also have to recap and gauge our feedback from our potential users as well as our expert and decide on how these should shape the next iteration’s content. The next week’s schedule will also contain the financial validation of our project, as well as doing some projections regarding potential user amounts, sales revenues, required initial capital and so on.
Overall there’s a lot to be done in the upcoming weeks, and we will have to work fast in order to stay within the schedule. However all of us feel motivated about this project so getting the work done shouldn’t be an issue!

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