User testing with target groups

The Plan for this week was to do two things; get user testing started and present what we have done so far to the other teams and staff on Friday.
How did we do this?
This week there was a presentation. Lauri and Maria performed, the content of the presentation was planned on a meeting we held on Monday afternoon.(5/6 of us were able to make it, it took around an hour). For the slides of the presentation we used the slides of the last week as a starting point, since we all were very happy with the visuals of it.
We also got the user testing started. Esko had made a wireframe model of what the application could look like and have as content. We had named three target groups for our team; coffee fanatics, ethical and ecological consumers and consumers who are curious about coffee. We chose these as our target group based on research of the target group of SLURP. Maria interview seven people. We decided to use interviews because interviewing is a fast way to gain results. We wanted to know, what the target group consumers are interested to know about coffee, how they choose the coffee they buy, would they be interested in using an application for coffee and what would they like the application to include. We also wanted some open comments and opinions of the wireframe and sketches of the application we had made. We believed that interview would be a good way to get open comments in quite a free form. On Friday we had a quick meeting to plan out what we will do next and who writes the blog post of the week. (5/6 of us made it there, it took only around 15 minutes).

We were quite happy with the results of this week. The presentation went very well in our mind, the timing was excellent and discussion rose after the presentation.
We obviously also gained results from the interview. To sum up the results:
What did people want to know about coffee?
A lot, one interview put it quite simply that the more, the better. Specific things that were mentioned; origin, roast, roasting day, taste, farming place and conditions, processing and certificates.
How do you choose which coffee you buy?
The interview chose coffee according to the same aspects with they said that they want to know about coffee. Most concern was on the taste, roasters and roasting time.
The interviews said that they would use a application, but only if it ws good enough.
What would you like the application to include?
The interview would like the application to have lots of information about the coffee, specifically about the aspects they had mentioned in the first question. Some also mentioned ratings of coffee and functionality to make notes about the coffees.
Few key takeaways from the open comments of the wireframe:
– A picture of the etiquette/label of the coffee would be useful.
– Social and interactive aspect of comments nice.
– The application must be easy to use.
All in all the free comments were quite clearly thumbs up-comments.
We were very happy with this week! We gained some good results, and it seems that there really is need for this application. We did realize that it still is not quite enough to interview seven people, we will need a bigger audience. We learned that collecting feedback is not an easy, nor a fast job. Thus, next week we will plan more on how to test the idea and dig a little deeper. Once again our team spirit was great. There were no disagreements and we were able to divide the work fairly.

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