This week we had two major things in our agenda:

  1. Meeting on Monday 25.09 with the whole team for trying to come up with solid and concrete ideas on how to proceed
  2. Meeting on Friday 29.09 for planning for the first presentation

Both of our meetings were quite fruitful. If not for any other reason, then only because we got to know each other a bit better! Also, we came up with multiple good solution ideas to our problem.

Before the meeting on Monday we studied on our own to have some general knowledge on the subject and to have at least something in mind. In the actual meeting we simply threw out ideas much like in the facilitation-lecture. Some of these came from already existing real-life applications like Untapped and Vivino. We had an interesting discussion and more ideas followed. Discussing about coffee is naturally easy for us since we are all coffee lovers and many of us also care about the ethics aspect of coffee! In the end we had a good list of ideas to continue working on.

Most notable ideas and revelations in no particular order are as follows. These are not necessarily direct solutions but ideas the final solution could possibly incorporate:

  1. A marketplace for sellers and buyers of responsibly produced coffee
  2. A sort of a certificate/rating system for shedding more light on the origin, responsibility, sustainability, etc. of specific coffees
  3. A unified coffee package label which could for example tell more specific info about the coffee. This could be easily implemented by a simple QR-code. Interested customers could simply scan the code and see the info via an app
  4. An informative website which would display general and more specific things about coffee such as conventions and methods, generated pollution and other ecological problems, child labor and slave labor in different areas etc.
  5. A sort of rating system for the following things. These could for example be incorporated in an app the users can download on their phone and where the coffee sellers can enlist their products in:
    • User tasting experience (like in Untapped/Vivino)
    • Tracking factor to tell how well the origin of the coffee is known
    • Overall rating system for ethiticity


Obviously, none of these ideas are anything ground breaking or revolutionary. The technology for these ideas is already there, at least for the most part. It is certain that the demand for ecologic, organic and ethic products will be growing in the following years, so these kinds of solutions would help knowledgeable customers to find the kind of products they want.

At the end of the week we are ready with the preparations for the first presentation and everything seems great so far. Next week we will be facing a bit trickier challenges. The presentation itself should be a wrap, but the main task is to work on narrowing down our ideas to a single best one and coming up with a good project plan. As a team we definitely need to have a better understanding of the subject as a whole, so more immersion is needed. More specifically, we will need to thoroughly look into whatever idea we choose to continue with and familiarize ourselves with the related tech. That should keep us busy!

Until the next week,

Team Coffee.

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