Virpi Roto is Professor of Practice in Experience Design in Aalto University, Finland. She studies experience design in the intersection of UX and service design. Her methodological research aims to provide techniques for practitioners to improve user experiences. She was the responsible instructor of the first edition of this course at NordiCHI’20. She was also the lead organizer of NordiCHI’16, CHI’18, and Nordes’19 workshops on the relation of UX and service design.

Val Mitchell is Programme Director of the UX Design MA at Loughborough University. Her research focusses on the development of transdisciplinary tools and methods for UX and SD and she has been a co-organizer of workshops at CHI2013 and UBICOMP14.

Stuart Cockbill specializes in teaching service design as part of the UX Design MA at Loughborough University. His research uses co-design processes to incorporate personal data within the design of future technologies and services.

Jung-Joo Lee is a Deputy Head of Research and Assistant Professor in Division of Industrial Design, National University of Singapore, and a Director of Service Design Lab Singapore. Her research investigates roles of service design in organizational transformation and public-sector innovation. She was a co-organizer of workshops at CHI’15, CHI’18, and Nordes’19.

Effie Law is a full Professor in HCI, specialising in usability and UX methodologies. She was a co-organizer of NordiCHI’16, CHI’18 and Nordes’19 workshops on the relation between UX and Service Design. She was an instructor for the course on UX evaluation methods at CHI.

John Zimmerman is the Tang Family Professor of AI and HCI at Carnegie Mellon University’s HCI Institute. His research investigates human-AI interaction. He teaches courses on UX design, service design, lean startup, and on the design of AI products and services.

Sample publications by the instructors

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