Welcome to CHI’21 course on
Service Design for User Experience Designers!

Tuesday May 11: CEST 16-19 / PDT 07-10 / EDT 10-13 / JST 23-02 (next day)

We are witnessing the work of user experience (UX) designers expanding beyond single digital products towards designing customer journeys through several service touchpoints and channels. Greater understanding of the service design approach and the interplay between service design and UX design is needed by UX researchers and practitioners in order to address this challenge. This course provides a theoretical introduction to service design and practical activities that help attendees understand the principles of service design and apply key methods within their work. It is targeted at UX design practitioners, teachers, and researchers, and those interested in systemic approaches to design.

Learning outcomes

As this course addresses both practitioners and researchers, we have designed the content to fulfill the needs of both. After this course, the practitioner attendees will be able to:

  1. Work together with service designers through a better understanding of SD history, scope, process, and basic terminology.
  2. Organize UX work to fit within a SD project by understanding the relation of UXD and SD and the possible roles of UX designers in SD projects.

The UX researcher attendees will be able to:

  1. Conceptualize the relation between UXD and SD through a better understanding of SD history, scope, process, and basic terminology.
  2. Identify topical research questions to tackle key challenges in the ongoing transformation of UX design towards more holistic service design and systemic thinking.


Intended audience

The course is intended primarily for UX design practitioners, teachers, researchers, and students, and secondarily for attendees with an interest in systemic approaches to design.

As this is an introductory course, the participants are not expected to have any prior knowledge of service design. Basic understanding of UX design and user centric design processes will be helpful to understand the similarities and differences between SD and UX design.


Registration fee 50 USD. Typically courses are targeted for CHI conference participants.

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