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Niklas Alenius Niklas A.

I’m Niklas, design student, visual explorer and service culture enthusiast based in Helsinki, Finland.
Design means everything to me; passion, lifestyle, future.
I am constantly gaining thoughts and inspiration. Moving from concept to concept and experimenting new things. To explore opportunities for future world.
For me design is problem solving with holistic people centered approach. It is the way to find solutions that truly speaks and effects to people’s lives.

Email: niklas.alenius@aalto.fi

My portfolio


Jan Tuomas Burakowski Tuomas B.

I’m a 3rd-year bachelor’s student of design in Aalto University School of Arts Architecture and Design. My forte are industrial and concept designs. In my work, I rely on fast iteration from an idea into a tangible prototype in order to quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of the concept. I’m into music and the arts.

Email: tuomas.burakowski@aalto.fi

My portfolio


Minttumeri HirsimaaMinttumeri M.

I’m a design student at Aalto University and live in Helsinki Finland. I like to work with different kinds of craft-based materials. I enjoy working both freely on the basis of my own artistic expression and along stricter guidelines. In the end of the design process it is awesome to see how a conceptual idea in my mind becomes something concrete, touchable and real.

Email: minttumeri.hirsimaa@aalto.fi


Juuso Koski Juuso K.

Hey I’m Juuso, a design student from Aalto. My focus in my studies has been in industrial and concept design. I love problem solving and exchanging ideas with sketches and quick prototypes. I’m into hiking and I prefer cats over dogs.

Email: juuso.j.koski@aalto.fi


Emil Lyytikkä Emil L.

My name is Emil. I’m a design student at Aalto. I like to work in different areas in the design field. Lately I’ve been doing an exchange in interior and spatial design. It has brought me a lot of new knowledge that I can utilise in my design studies. I enjoy running and doing ceramics among other things.

Email: emil.lyytikka@aalto.fi


Linda MandellLinda M.

I’m a third year design student from Helsinki. Through my studies i’ve explored the fields of graphic design, industrial design, service design and glass design, and I’m convinced that you can find inspiration and ideas from anywhere. I’m an active board member of our student association, Nuoret Designerit Ry where i’ve been working as a graphic designer, student advocate and event planner. I’m always eager to learn new things and enjoy solving problems!

Email: linda.mandell@aalto.fi


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