Workshop weeks

We spent our second week in Tsubame nearby the Japanese sea. The week differed a lot from the first week.

The first week was about getting to know the Japanese culture by visiting several museums, restaurants, and other attractions. For example, we visited Reikihaku – National Museum of Japanese History, Buke-Yashiki Sakura Samurai Houses, Narita-san Temple, Koshikawa Korakuen (Japanese Garden), Tokyo Tocho Building 45th floor, ICC Gallery, Kagaku Miraikan and Big site. Chiba University students guided us and it was fun! We lived in Tokyo during the research week.

Bullet train transported us from Tokyo to Tsubame-Sanjo.

We spent the second week of our workshop in Tsubame, where the local industries’ associations hosted us. By visiting several metal factories we gained the knowledge how the metal products are made in Niigata Prefecture. It was fascinating to see how the whole working processes go. For example when doing knives, copper teapots or cutlery. Besides the tours, in different metal factories, we were generating our own ideas of products in a group of three students. I was working with Eimi Haruna and Go Otsu.

These two weeks in Japan were a really instructive and unforgettable experience. I got to know wonderful people who were truly friendly, helpful and hospitable. Also, the Japanese culture opened more for me. I am thankful for everyone who made this workshop possible.


The pictures are from the second week.


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