week 2

For the second week we stayed in Tsubame located in the Niigata region. When we didn’t visit the factories to learn more about the manufacturing methods from the skilled craftsmen, we got to know the local culture. The people we got to know were all so nice and hospitable. The local sento (bathhouse) was literally next door from the place were we stayed. It was run by Tama-san;s parents. It felt really authentic and I enjoyed it so much. My favourite place!

The last couple days were when we came up with the ideas that we later pitched to the companies. We were working in groups of three or four and there was a wide range of knowledge in all of the groups. I was working with Eri-san and Junko-san. Our teamwork went well. Under the week we had time to experience a lot of stuff. The local vegetable and fish market, sento & a nice onsen, nearby seaside town and a kimonoshop just to name a few!

The coast town was amazing, especially the food. I had octopus, seafood miso, lots of different fish. It was truly amazing, the weather was so nice too with the salty smell of the sea in the air.

It was really a different experience from being in Tokyo, which is only good. Many people visit just the capital and in that way they don’t get to experience the diversity of a country. I had a blast and this is something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

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