Day 6, Kamakura

It is incredibly easy to find a place to eat, and so far everything has been really good. The Tokyo area is full of things to do and experience, and it was pretty easy to navigate there with proper applications and a working internet connection. We got to know Ueno maybe the most, since the Airbnb that we stayed in was in the neighbourhood. Akihabara and its endless gaming buildings, shopping centers and neon lights was quite chaotic yet exciting, and Saturdays visit to Kamakura was pretty big contrast to the hectic city feeling. In Kamakura we hiked the mountain and visited several shrines with Yuki-san and Akie-san as our guides. We were told that there’s over hundred of them in there, from small, almost doll house-like shrines to huge temples.
We tasted ichigo daifuku, which is small rice cake filled with custard or red bean jelly, topped with a strawberry from a street vendor. These types of things can’t be found in Finland, although i now wish that there would be. We hiked for few hours, and in the middle of the mountains found a french café with amazing view and great coffee. It felt so absurd that there would be a cafeteria, but we all were in need of a break and the perfect cup of latte was sorely needed.

After coming back to Kamakura we went for lunch (veggie tempura was of course really good) and for a stroll at the beach. Kamakura is situated between the ocean and the mountains, so at the time when it was the capital it was well sheltered. Me and Emil took off our shoes and dipped our tired feet in the cold water of the pacific ocean, as it is a sort of a custom to do this every time there’s a chance. There was a woman and a little girl gathering seaweed at the shore at the same time, and it would have been cool to gather some myself also, but i most likely would have not known what to do with it.


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