Germany, prove me wrong


The airplane to Germany takes off early tomorrow morning. Suddenly, my five months abroad have become very real. In the eve of the exchange, what are my expectations about and prejudice towards Mannheim, the University of Mannheim and German people at this point? Here are five (mis)conceptions to be proven wrong.

  1. They do not like to speak English, or at least they prefer the attempts of speaking their language. They are not as bad as the French, though, I hear. However, in a university city, I expect English to be used widely.
  2. Mannheim is not marketed as a beautiful place. Apparently, it is a boxy design with architecture forgotten from the plans.
  3. They have dubbed everything and I will be having trouble finding a cinema with any English in it. On the other hand, I have no other choice than to learn the language.
  4. My fellow students take their studies seriously and spend time with their books (or laptops).
  5. They have only a short time to write their exams which will mean trouble for me, being used to four hours of time.

How badly I am mislead – we will see soon enough.